Welcome to the TCS Website. It provides information about the journals Theory, Culture & Society and Body & Society, as well as the Theory, Culture & Society Book Series. Extending the discussions and debates that TCS has been fostering in the areas of sociology, cultural theory and social theory for over three decades, here you will find interviews, discussions, reviews, images and podcasts about and around the key topics covered in the journals and books. It also has a range of extra material, including a section on key theorists and a glossary of the latest theoretical concepts.

Recent Articles

Recent articles from Friedrich Kittler, and critical responses to articles by Loic Wacquant and Erin Manning. If you missed them when they came out earlier in the year, check them out now!

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Recent Issues

Did you miss the recent TCS Special Issue on Energy & Society, edited by David Tyfield & John Urry? What about last year’s B&S Special Issue on Rhythm, Movement, Embodiment, edited by Julian Henriques, Milla Tiainen and Pasi Väliaho?Other recent ...

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Recent TCS Books

Recent TCS Booksinclude Li Shiqiao’s Understanding the Chinese Cityand William Davies’s The Limits of Neoliberalism

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E-Specials Issues

The E-Specials bring together complementing articles from across the journal archives of both Theory, Culture & Society and Body & Society.

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Latest Issues

tcsa_33_7-8-cover Theory, Culture & Society - December 2016; 33 (7-8) – TCS Annual Review, with sections on ‘City of Potentialities: Race, Violence and Invention’, ‘Deterritorializing Deleuze ... read more
new-biologies Body & Society - December 2016; 22 (4) – Special Issue: The New Biologies: Epigenetics, the Microbiome and Immunities. Edited by Lisa Blackman

Special Issues

rhythm cover Rhythm, Movement, Embodiment - Recent special issues of B&S include ‘Rhythm, Movement, Embodiment’
32-2_TS_special Governing Emergencies - Special Issue on Governing Emergencies, edited by Peter Adey, Ben Anderson and Stephen Graham
Recent Issues Energy & Society - Special issue on Energy & Society, edited by David Tyfield and John Urry
AR 2011 cover Annual Review - Every December, the TCS Annual Review features sections on Global Public Life and many other themes.