Video: Marcelo Hoffman on Heliana de Barros Conde Rodrigues: Michel Foucault in Brazil

Marcelo Hoffman introduces the Theory, Culture & Society review ‘Heliana de Barros Conde Rodrigues, Ensaios sobre Michel Foucault no Brasil: Presença, efeitos, ressonâncias (Michel Foucault in Brazil: Presence, Effects, Resonances).

Michel Foucault visited Brazil five times from 1965 to 1976 yet the details of his overall presence in the country have remained largely unexplored even in Brazil. Heliana Conde’s Ensaios sobre Michel Foucault no Brasil has the great merit of introducing readers to these details through a reliance on a wide range of sources, including interviews with his interlocutors and the archives of the former intelligence service. While Conde’s book covers various aspects of Foucault in Brazil up to his effects and resonances in our present, she compellingly illuminates how the military dictatorship cast a long and ominous shadow over each of his visits to the country.

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