Video: Joanna Latimer & Mara Miele on Naturecultures

Latimer & Miele_Naturecultures photoIn this video-abstract, Joanna Latimer and Mara Miele introduce their TCS Special Section ‘Naturecultures? Science, Affect and the Non-human’ (Theory, Culture & Society,  December 2013;  vol. 30, 7-8)


To watch the video, go here:
To read their introduction to the section, go here:
To read all the articles in the section, go here:


You may also be interested in the Humananimalia special section on House of Beasts: inquiries into the human and the animal, a symposium organised with Meadowarts and others on the Meadowarts contemporary art exhibition at Attingham Park.

To watch Joanna Latimer’s talk at the symposium, go here:

To watch all the talks at the symposium, go here:

And to read the paper version in the special issue of Humananimalia, go here:
‘Meadowarts’ House of Beasts: Reimagining Human & Non-human Animal Relations at Attingham’


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