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TCS is back on blogosphere.  With the recent development of the new-look TCS Website, we decided to upgrade the blog to include more features and provide the very latest in TCS in terms of discussions and previews. The blog will focus on issues raised in both the journals TCS and Body & Society as well as other related TCS publications.

From time to time, the TCS blog will initiate discussions on current research areas and also offer previews of future articles and features that are forthcoming in TCS. It will also link to the extra material that is being regularly updated on the TCS website’s ‘Extra Materials’ page. First and foremost, however, it is our forum for discussion with readers of TCS and Body & Society. So tell us what you think and blog with us.

For the microbloggers, we are also on Twitter as TCSjournalSAGE  and we have a TCS group on FaceBook.

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