TCS Special on Ricoeur – Out Now!

The new issue of TCS (vol 27, issue 5) is out now, featuring a Special Section on Paul Ricoeur. The Section is edited and introduced by Steve Hedley Clark, and features translations of two Ricoeur articles, as well as new articles by Lisa Jones, Alison Scott-Baumann and Adam Piette.

The issue also includes two standard articles: Leonhard Praeg’s ‘Of Evil and Other Figures of the Liminal’ and Leslie Sklair’s ‘Iconic Architecture and the Culture-ideology of Consumerism’.

Over the next few weeks on the TCS Blog, we’ll have interviews with all the contributors to the section on Ricoeur, a report on Fonds Ricoeur (the Ricoeur archives in Paris), and an introduction on ‘how to read Ricoeur’ by Alison Scott-Baumann.

You can access all the articles in this issue of TCS here

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