TCS May Issue: Out Now!

32.3The May 2015 issue of Theory, Culture & Society (32.3) is now available.

The issue features an article from Friedrich Kittler called ‘Authorship and Love’,  accompanied by an introductory article from Geoffrey Winthrop Young, as well as Scott Lash’s interview with John Searle.

The issue also includes articles from Matteo Pasquinelli on Italian Operaismo and the Information Machine; Adrian Parr on Urban Debt, Neoliberalism and the Politics of the Commons; and Dotan Leshem on Agamben’s Critique of Foucault; as well as a discussion between Mariam Motamedi Fraser and Farniyaz Zaker on Words and Walls, Texts and Textiles; and Richard Phillips’s review article on Curiosity.

The full issue is available here: