TCS January Issue – Out Now!

The January Issue of TCS (28.1) is now available.

This issue includes articles by Ayelet Zohar on the paintings of Ibrahim Nubani, Mathieu Hilgers on autochtony and capital, Hagar Kotef & Merav Amir on military checkpoints in Palestine, and Bjorn Schiermer on quasi-objects, fetishism and fashion.

It also includes a Special Section of Responses to Ash Amin on Race (Ash Amin’s article, ‘The Remainders of Race’, was published in TCS 27.1 in January 2010). The section, edited by Couze Venn, features articles by Ali Rattansi, Abdoumaliq Simone and Denise Ferreira da Silva.

The issue also includes a review article by Ian Tucker on bodily connections in the work of Michel Serres.

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