TCS Annual Review 2011 – Out Now!

The TCS Annual Review (28.7-8, Dec 2011), edited by Ryan Bishop and John Phillips, is now available.

This time the AR features sections on ‘Secrecy and Transparency’, ‘Air-Target’ and our usual ‘Global Public Life’ section.

The ‘Secrecy and Transparency’ section, edited by Clare Birchall, features articles by Geoffrey Bennington, Dave Boothroyd, Clare Birchall, Alexander Galloway, Eva Horn, John Beck, Martin McQuillan, and John Phillips’s interview with Sam Weber.

The ‘Air-Target’ section, edited by Peter Adey, Mark Whitehead and Alison J Williams, includes articles by Derek Gregory, Ben Anderson, Paul K Saint-Amour and Ryan Bishop.

And the ‘Global Public Life’ section features photo essays on the 20-Kilometer University in Shenzhen and the High Line in New York, commentaries on ‘rubbish’ and industrialisation, and reviews of Michael Dutton’s Beijing Time (by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald) and John Beck’s Dirty Wars (by Adam Piette).

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