TCS 33.5 – September issue – Out Now!


The September 2016 issue of Theory, Culture & Society is now available, featuring:




Foucault, Gary Becker  and the Critique of Neoliberalism

David Newheiser

Beyond Biodiversity and Species: Problematizing Extinction

Audra Mitchell


The Economy of the Digital Gift: From Socialism to Sociality Online

Alberto Romele and Marta Severo


Posthumanism, the Social and the Dynamics of Material Systems

Anna Henkel


Biopolitical Marketing and Social Media Brand Communities

Detlev Zwick and Alan Bradshaw


Remediation, Time and Disaster

Anders Ekström


The Denkbild (‘Thought-Image’) in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Monique Tschofen



Notes & Commentary


On Multispecies Mythology: A Critique of Animal Anthropology

Matthew C. Watson



You can access the full issue here: