TCS 30.1 – Out Now!

TCS 30.1 (January 2013) is now available, featuring articles by Nikolas Rose, Maria Tamboukou, Julian Brigstocke, Sonia Silva, Derek Bryce and Mona Abaza.

Read more for further details on the issue, and for free access to TCS articles by Nikolas Rose.





In this issue of TCS, Nikolas Rose returns more than 10 years since we published his ‘The Politics of Life Itself’ article, and more than 15 years since the publication of ‘Mobilizing the Consumer:Assembling the Subject of Construction’, co-written with Peter Miller. His new article, ‘The Human Sciences in a Biological Age’, is based on lectures given at the London School of Economics and Political Science and at the University of Western Sydney in 2011. The article serves both as an introduction to Rose’s thinking on the human, the social and the type of creature we are, and as an argument for the future direction of social, cultural and human scientific research and the politics of life; one that merges the biotechnological insights of genomics and neuroscience with a progressive sociology. We’re making Rose’s contributions to TCS freely available via the TCS Website for a limited period (click on the article titles above for free access).


The issue also features a notes & commentary piece by Mona Abaza on post-Arab Spring graffiti in Cairo. In this essay, Abaza discusses the new form of public culture that arises from the precarious re-appropriation of public space by the ‘

Tahrir Square


effect’. By analysing the speedy graffiti-ing and white-washing of walls, as well as their just as swift erection and demolition, Abaza engages with the function of walls as sites of communication, contestation and spectacle. TCS previously made this essay freely available on the TCS Website; you can still read an interview between the author and TCS Standard Issues Editor, Roy Boyne, and see an impressive gallery of images to supplement the article and interview.


Other articles in the issue include: Maria Tamboukou‘s Arendtian reading of Rosa Luxemburg’s letters to her lover and comrade Leo Jogiches, discussing the epistolary narratives of Luxemburg’s amorous and political discourse within the framework of Hannah Arendt’s conceptualization of love and politics; Julian Brigstocke‘s reading of Walter Benjamin’s writings on Charles Baudelaire in terms of a Foucauldian genealogy of ethics and as a way of activating potential forms of power; Sonia Silva‘s redefinition of reification as fetishism in the context of the ancestral world of northwest Zambia; and Derek Bryce‘s supplement to Edward Said’s Orientalism in terms of the importance of the Ottoman Empire for problematising the relationship between the ‘Islamic Orient’ and European ‘space’.


The issue also includes John Abromeit‘s review article on Eva Maria Ziege’s Anti-Semitism and Social Theory, which discusses the history of how the experience of American exile influenced the development of the Frankfurt School in the 1940s; and book reviews by Nikos Papastergiadis on Julian Jason Haladyn’s Marcel Duchamp: Étant donnés, and by Nick Gane on Jamie Peck’s Constructions of Neo-liberal Reason.


The next issue of TCS will feature Ulrich Beck & Daniel Levy‘s ‘Cosmopolitanized Nations: Reimagining Collectivity in World Risk Society’.



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