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Interview with Antonio Casilli on Computer Culture and the Body

Posted on March 15th, 2011 by TCS

Photo: Antonio Casilli(copyright: Ulf Andersen) Tomoko Tamari interviews Antonio A. Casilli on his article ‘A History of Virulence: The Body … read more

Interview with Jenny Slatman and Guy Widdershoven on Hand Transplants

Posted on January 19th, 2011 by TCS

Tomoko Tamari interviews Jenny Slatman and Guy Widdershoven on their article on Hand Transplants in last year’s Body & Society … read more

Tomoko Tamari interviews Jennifer Robertson on Robo-Sexism in Japan

Posted on September 22nd, 2010 by TCS

Tomoko Tamari (Managing Editor of Body & Society) talks to Jennifer Robertson about the posthuman, eugenics and robotics, and about … read more