Tag: Colonialism

Rohit Dasgupta: Ambalavaner Sivanandan and Black Politics in Britain

Posted on January 24th, 2018 by TCS

This article looks at the contribution made by Ambalavaner Sivanandan to Black politics and organising in Britain.


Review of Achille Mbembe, Critique of Black Reason

Posted on May 30th, 2017 by TCS

Review of Critique of Black Reason by Achille Mbembe. Translated by Lauren Dubois (Duke University Press, 2017) 240 pages £16.75 … read more


Video: Rachel Busbridge on Israel-Palestine and the Settler Colonial ‘Turn’

Posted on January 27th, 2017 by TCS

In this video, Rachel Busbridge introduces her TCS article, ‘Israel-Palestine and the Settler Colonial ‘Turn’: From Interpretation to Decolonization‘ (Theory, … read more


Interview with Gurminder Bhambra on Colonialism, Empire and Slavery

Posted on February 17th, 2011 by TCS

Photo: Gurminder K. Bhambra Gurminder Bhambra speaks to Simon Dawes about the forthcoming conference, ‘Rethinking the Modern: Colonialism, Empire and … read more