January Issue of TCS – Out Now!

The new issue of TCS (29.1, Jan 2012) is now available.

The issue features the Special Section on ‘Memory, Community and the New Museum’, edited and introduced by Jens Andermann and Silke Arnold-de Simine, and consisting of Arnold-de Simine’s article on Libeskind’s Jewish Museum and Sebald’s Austerlitz, Andermann’s on concentration camps in Argentina, and Patrizia Violi on trauma in three different museums.

The issue also includes standard articles by Sylvia Walby on Amartya Sen, Penelope Deutscher’s re-reading of Foucault’s History of Sexuality vol. 1, and Alistair Bonnett on Ashis Nandy; as well as Gurminder Bhambra’s review of Satya Mohanty’s edited collection on Colonialism.


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