Editor’s Choice

The following have been selected from the first 25 years of Theory, Culture & Society 1982-2007 to give some indication of the range of pieces published in the journal. They represent my own choices, whittled down from an original cut of nearly 200 articles. I have tried to give both a sense of the wide range of topics covered by the journal and the range of disciplinary foci involved. Comments and views on alternative selections are to be welcomed.
Mike Featherstone

Appadurai,   Arjun Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy 7(2-3): 295-310
Amin, Ash Multi-Ethnicity and the Idea of Europe 21(2): 1-24
Armitage, John From Modernism to Hypermodernism and Beyond: An Interview with Paul Virilio 16(5-6): 25-56
Arnason, Johann P. State Formation in Japan and the West 13(3): 53-75
Banerjea, Partha and Kaur, Raminder Jazzgeist: Racial Signs of Twisted Times 17(3): 159-180
Baudrillard, Jean The Virtual Illusion: Or, the Automatic Writing of the World 12(4): 143-53
Bauman, Zygmunt Effacing the Face: On the Social Management of Moral Proximity 7(1): 5-38
Beck, Ulrich The Cosmopolitan Society and its Enemies 19(1-2): 17-44
Billig, Michael Lacan’s Misuse of Psychology: Evidence, Rhetoric and the Mirror Stage 23(4): 1-26
Bleicher, Josef and Mike Featherstone Historical Materialism Today: An Interview with Anthony Giddens 1(2): 63-77
Bourdieu, Pierre and Loic   Wacquant On the Cunning of Imperialist Reason 16(1): 41-58
Bourgois, Philippe Just another Night in the Shooting Gallery 15(2): 37-66
Braidotti, Rosi Meta(l)morphoses 14(2): 67-80
Butler, Judith Revisiting Bodies and Pleasure 16(2): 11-20
Calhoun, Craig Postmodernism as Pseudohistory 10(1): 75-96
Chaney, David The Department Store as a Cultural Form 1(3): 22-31
Cocco, Giuseppe and Lazzarato, Maurizio Ruptures within Empire, the Power of Exodus: Interview with Toni Negri 19(4): 187-194
Collins, Randall On the Sociology of Intellectual Stagnation: The Late Twentieth Century in Perspective 9(1): 73-96
Connolly, William E Tocqueville, Territory and Violence 11(1): 19-41
de Swaan, Abram Widening Circles of Disidentification: On the Psycho- and Sociogenesis of the Hatred of Distant Strangers – Reflections on Rwanda 14(2): 105-22
Deleuze, Gilles Immanence: A Life 14(2): 3-7
Denzin, Norman K. Blue Velvet: Postmodern Contradictions 5(2-3): 461-73
Dumont, Louis Collective Identities and Universalist Ideology: The Actual Interplay 3(3): 25-33
Dunning, Eric Sport as a Male Preserve: Notes on the Social Sources of Masculine Identity and its Transformations 3(1): 79-90
Eder, Klaus The Rise of Counter-culture Movements Against Modernity: Nature as a New Field of Class Struggle 7(4): 21-47
Elias, Norbert The Retreat of Sociologists into the Present 4(2-3): 223-47
Bracha L. Ettinger Weaving a Woman Artist with-in the Matrixial Encounter-Event 21(1): 69-94
Evans, Mary ‘Falling in Love with Love is Falling for Make Believe’: Ideologies of Romance in Post-Enlightenment Culture 21(1): 69-94
Eyerman, Ron and Orvar Löfgren Romancing the Road: Road Movies and Images of Mobility 12(1): 53-79
Featherstone, Mike Automobilities: an Introduction 21(4-5): 1-24
Friedman, Jonathan Being in the World: Globalization and Localization 7(2-3): 311-28
Fraser, Nancy Recognition without Ethics 18(2-3): 21-42
Frisby, David Georg Simmel: First Sociologist of Modernity 2(3): 49-67
Fromm, Eric Infantilization and Despair Masquerading as Radicalism 10(2): 197-206
Gadamer, Hans-Georg Language and Understanding 23(1): 13-27
Gilroy, Paul Joined-up Politics and Post-Colonial Melancholia 18(2-3):151-168
Gluck, Mary The Flaneur and the Aesthetic: Appropriation of Urban Culture in Mid-19th Century Paris 20 (5): 53-80
Habermas, Jürgen Notes on the Developmental History of Horkheimer’s Work 10(2): 61-77
Hansen, Mark Media Theory 23(2-3)
Hayles, N. Katherine Computing the Human 21(1): 131-51
Hochschild, Arlie Russell The Commercial Spirit of Intimate Life and the Abduction of Feminism: Signs from Women’s Advice Books 11(2): 1-24
Horkheimer, Max Reason against Itself: Some Remarks on Enlightenment 10(2): 79-88
Kearney, Richard Myth and Sacrificial Scapegoats: On Rene Girard 12(4): 47-60
Kellner, Douglas Virilio, War and Technology: Some Critical Reflections 16(5-6): 103-126
Kittler, Friedrich Thinking Colours and/or Machines 23(7-8)
Knorr Cetina, Karin Complex Global Microstructures; the New Terrorist Societies 22(5): 213-34
Kroker, Arthur Baudrillard’s Marx 2(3): 69-83
Lash, Scott Technological Forms of Life 18(1): 105-120
Latham, Robert Social Sovereignty 17(4): 1-18
Latour, Bruno and Venn, Couze Morality and Technology: The End of the Means 19(5-6): 247-260
Levine, Donald N. On the Critique of ‘Utilitarian’ Theories of Action: Newly Identified Convergences among Simmel, Weber and Parsons 17(1): 63-78
Luhmann, Niklas Limits of Steering 14(1): 41-57
Lyotard, Jean-Francois Anamnesis: Of the Visible 21(1): 107-119
Maffesoli, Michel The Ethic of Aesthetics 8(1): 7-20
Mannheim, Karl The Sociology of Intellectuals 10(3): 69-80
Marcuse, Herbert Some Remarks on Aragon: Art and Politics in the Totalitarian Era 10(2): 181-95
Martin, Bernice ‘Mother Wouldn’t Like It!’: Housework as Magic 2(2): 19-36
McCann, Graham Biographical Boundaries: Sociology and Marilyn Monroe 4(4): 619-32
Mennell, Stephen On the Civilizing of Appetite 4(2-3): 373-403
Merriman, Peter Driving Places: Marc Auge and the Geographies of England’s M1 Motorways 21(4-5): 145-67
Milbank, John Stories of Sacrifice 12(4): 61-92
Moeran, Brian The Orient Strikes Back: Advertising and Imagining Japan 13(3): 77-112
Moscovici, Serge Questions for the Twenty-first Century 7(4): 1-19
Ong, Aihwa Mutations in Citizenship 23(2-3)
Parsons, Talcott A Tentative Outline of American Values 6(4): 577-612
Pels, Dick and Aya Cré bas Carmen – or the Invention of a New Feminine Myth 5(4): 579-610
Randeria, Shalini The State of Globalisation: Legal Plurality, Overlapping Sovereignties and Ambiguous Alliances between Civil Society and the Cunning State in India 23(6):
Richardson, Michael Sociology on a Razor’s Edge: Configurations of the Sacred at the College of Sociology 9(3): 27-44
Robertson, Roland Mapping the Global Condition: Globalization as the Central Concept 7(2-3): 15-30
Rose, Nikolas The Politics of Life Itself 18(6): 1-30
Sakai, Naoki Translation 23(2-3)
Sacks, Harvey Max Weber’s Ancient Judaism 16(1): 31-39
Santos, Boaventura de Sousa Nuestra America: Reinventing a Subaltern Paradigm of Recognition and Redistribution 18(2-3): 185-218
Sassen, Saskia Digital Networks and the State: Some Governance Questions 17(4): 19-34
Schegloff, Emmanuel A. On Sacks on Weber on Ancient Judaism: Introductory Notes and Interpretive Resources 16(1): 1-29
Scott, Allen J. French Cinema: Economy, Policy and Place in the Making of a Cultural-Products Industry 17(1): 1-38
Shields, Rob The ‘System of Pleasure’: Liminality and the Carnivalesque at Brighton 7(1): 39-72
Simmel, Georg The Problem of Style 8(3): 63-71
Skov, Lise Fashion Trends, Japonisme and Postmodernism, Or, ‘What is so Japanese about Comme des Garçons?’ 13(3): 129-51
Strathern, Marilyn The Patent and the Malanggan 18(4): 1-26
Tenbruck, Friedrich International History of Society or Universal History? 11(1): 75-93
Teubner, Gunther Economics of Gift  – Positivity of Justice: the Mutual Paranoia of Jacques Derrida and Niklas Luhmann 18(1): 29-48
Thompson, John B. The New Visibility 22(6): 31-51
Thrift, Nigel The Place of Complexity 16(3): 31-69
Touraine, Alain Beyond Social Movements? 9(1): 125-45
Turner, Bryan S. Ideology and Utopia in the Formation of an Intelligentsia: Reflections on the English Cultural Conduit 9(1): 125-45
Urry, John Complexities of the Global 22(5): 235-54
Vattimo, Gianni Hermeneutics as Koine 5(2-3): 399-408
Venn, Couze Beyond Enlightenment? After the Subject of Foucault, Who Comes? 14(3): 1-28
Wacquant, Loic Inside the Zone: The Social Art of the Hustler in the Black American Ghetto 15(2): 1-36
Wallerstein, Immanuel Culture as the Ideological Battleground of the Modern World-System 7(2-3): 31-55
Weber, Max Remarks on Technology and Culture 22(4): 23-38
Weeks, Jeff The Sexual Citizen 15(3-4): 35-52
Welsch, Wolfgang Aestheticization Processes: Phenomena, Distinctions and Prospects 13(1): 1-24
Werbner, Pnina Fun Spaces: On Identity and Social Empowerment among British Pakistanis 13(4): 53-79
Wernick, Andrew From Comte to Baudrillard: Socio-Theology after the End of the Social 17(6): 55-76
Wilson, Elizabeth Bohemian Love 15(3-4): 111-27
Wolff, Janet The Invisible Flâneuse:  Women and the Literature of Modernity 2(3): 37-46
Wouters, Cas Formalization and Informalization: Changing Tension Balances in Civilizing Processes 3(2): 1-18
Yoshimi, Shunya Information 23(2-3)