32.5-6 SI Transdisciplinary Problematics

September-November 2015 – Volume 32, Issue 5-6

Edited by Peter Osborne, Stella Stanford & Eric Alliez














Peter Osborne
Problematizing Disciplinarity, Transdisciplinary Problematics

Lucie Mercier
Introduction to Serres on Transdisciplinarity

Michel Serres
Transdisciplinarity as Relative Exteriority

Étienne Balibar
Foucault’s Point of Heresy: ‘Quasi-Transcendentals’ and the Transdisciplinary Function of the Episteme

David Cunningham
Logics of Generalization: Derrida, Grammatology and Transdisciplinarity

Nina Power
Reading Transdisciplinarily: Sartre and Althusser

Andrew Goffey
Introduction to Guattari on Trandisciplinarity

Félix Guattari
Transdisciplinarity Must Become Transversality

Éric Alliez
Structuralism’s Afters: Tracing Transdisciplinarity through Guattari and Latour

Stella Sandford
Contradiction of Terms: Feminist Theory, Philosophy and Transdisciplinarity

Tuija Pulkkinen
Identity and Intervention: Disciplinarity as Transdisciplinarity in Gender Studies

Lisa Baraitser
Temporal Drag: Transdisciplinarity and the ‘Case’ of Psychosocial Studies


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