26.2-3 SI Ubiquitous Media: Asian Transformations


March/May 2009 – Volume 26, Issue 2-3

About the Issue

This double special issue features papers delivered at the Ubiquitous Media: Asian Transformations Conference, which was the Theory, Culture & Society 25th Anniversary Conference jointly organized with the University of Tokyo, held in July 2007. The conference was attended by over 750 people and some 500 papers were given in more than 100 sessions. The papers in this volume have been selected from more than 150 submitted which went through the TCS refereeing process. Most of the papers in this volume have also been translated into Japanese and will appear in the three volumes of conference papers published by the University of Tokyo Press edited by Shunya Yoshimi, Mike Featherstone and Hidetaka Ishida.


Mike Featherstone
Ubiquitous Media: An Introduction

Friedrich Kittler
Towards an Ontology of Media

Bernard Stiegler
Teleologics of the Snail: The Errant Self Wired to a WiMax Network

N. Katherine Hayles
RFID: Human Agency and Meaning in Information-Intensive Environments

Kiyoshi Abe
The Myth of Media Interactivity: Technology, Communications and Surveillance in Japan

Anne Allison
The Cool Brand, Affective Activism and Japanese Youth

Marc Steinberg
Anytime, Anywhere: Tetsuwan Atomu Stickers and the Emergence of Character Merchandizing

Ian Condry
Anime Creativity: Characters and Premises in the Quest for Cool Japan

Hyeshin Kim
Women’s Games in Japan: Gendered Identity and Narrative Construction

Dominic Pettman
Love in the Time of Tamagotchi

Sunil Manghani
Love Messaging: Mobile Phone Txting Seen Through the Lens of Tanka Poetry

Raja Adal
Japan’s Bifurcated Modernity: Writing and Calligraphy in Japanese Public Schools, 1872—1943

Hwa Yol Jung
Ernest Fenollosa’s Etymosinology in the Age of Global Communication

Barbara Maria Stafford
Thoughts Not Our Own: Whatever Happened to Selective Attention?

Mark B.N. Hansen
Living (with) Technical Time: From Media Surrogacy to Distributed Cognition

Shigehiko Hasumi
Fiction and the `Unrepresentable’: All Movies are but Variants on the Silent Film

Dave Boothroyd
Touch, Time and Technics: Levinas and the Ethics of Haptic Communications

Luciana Parisi
Symbiotic Architecture: Prehending Digitality


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