27.2-3 SI Changing Climates


March 2010 – Volume 27, Issue 2-3










Bronislaw Szerszynski & John Urry
Changing Climates – Introduction

Bronislaw Szerszynski
Reading and writing the weather: climate technics and the moment of responsibility

Nigel Clark
Volatile Worlds, Vulnerable Bodies: Confronting Abrupt Climate Change

Myra Hird
Indifferent Globality: Gaia, Symbiosis and ‘Other Worldliness’

Kathryn Yusoff
Biopolitical Economies and the Political Aesthetics of Climate Change

Aaron M. McCright and Riley E. Dunlap
Anti-reflexivity: the American Conservative Movement’s Success in Undermining Climate Science and Policy

Bradley Parks & J. Timmons Roberts
Climate Change, Social Theory and Justice

Melinda Cooper
Turbulent Worlds: Financial Markets and Environmental Crisis

John Urry
Consuming The Planet To Excess

Erik Swyngedouw
Apocalypse Forever? Post-Political Populism and the Specter of Climate Change

Sheila Jasanoff
A New Climate For Society

Ulrich Beck
Climate for Change or How to Create a Green Modernity?

Mike Hulme
Cosmopolitan Climates: hybridity, foresight and meaning

Elizabeth Shove
Social theory and climate change: questions often, sometimes and not yet asked

Brian Wynne
Strange Weather, Again: Climate Science as Political Art


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