23.1 SS Hans-Georg Gadamer


January 2006 – Volume 23, Issue 1










Richard E. Palmer
Introduction to Four Key Essays from the Gadamer Lesebuch

Hans-Georg Gadamer
Language and Understanding(1970)

Hans-Georg Gadamer
Classical and Philosophical Hermeneutics

Hans-Georg Gadamer
Artworks in Word and Image: So True, So Full of Being! (Goethe) (1992)

Hans-Georg Gadamer and Jean Grondin
Looking Back with Gadamer Over his Writings and their Effective History: A Dialogue with Jean Grondin (1996)

Sheila Ross
The Temporality of Tarrying in Gadamer

Neil Turnbull
The Ontological Consequences of Copernicus: Global Being in the Planetary World

Philip Goodchild
Book Review: The Reform of Utopia

David Kidner
Book Review: Nature and Social Theory

Wendy Quinlan-Gagnon
Book Review: Pragmatism, Critique, Judgement: Essays for Richard J. Bernstein


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