30.4 SI The Social Life of Methods

July 2013 – Volume 30, Issue 4

Edited by Evelyn Ruppert, John Law and Mike Savage













Mike Savage
The ‘Social Life of Methods’: A Critical Introduction

Evelyn Ruppert, John Law and Mike Savage
Reassembling Social Science Methods: The Challenge of Digital Devices

David Beer and Roger Burrows
Popular Culture, Digital Archives and the New Social Life of Data

Adrian Mackenzie and Ruth McNally
Living Multiples: How Large-scale Scientific Data-mining Pursues Identity and Differences

Marie Gillespie
BBC Arabic, Social Media and Citizen Production: An Experiment in Digital Democracy before the Arab Spring

Sally Wyatt, Anna Harris, Samantha Adams and Susan E Kelly
Illness Online: Self-reported Data and Questions of Trust in Medical and Social Research

Raoni Rajão and Theo Vurdubakis
On the Pragmatics of Inscription: Detecting Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon


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