24.6 SI Life and New Vitalism


November 2007 – Volume 24, Issue 6










Sebastian Olma and Kostas Koukouzelis
Introduction: Life’s (Re-)Emergences

Howard Caygill
Life and Energy

Luciana Parisi
Biotech: Life by Contagion

John Mullarkey
Life, Movement and the Fabulation of the Event

Alberto Toscano
Vital Strategies: Maurizio Lazzarato and the Metaphysics of Contemporary Capitalism

Maurizio Lazzarato
Machines to Crystallize Time: Bergson

Sebastian Olma
Physical Bergsonism and the Worldliness of Time

Josef Bleicher
From Kant to Goethe: Georg Simmel on the way to Leben

Georg Simmel
Kant and Goethe: On the History of the Modern Weltanschauung


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