30.6 SI Cultural Techniques

30.6_coverNovember 2013 – Volume 30, Issue 6

Edited by Geoffrey Winthrop-Young, Ilinca Iurascu & Jussi Parikka










Geoffrey Winthrop-Young
Cultural Techniques: Preliminary Remarks

Sybille Krämer and Horst Bredekamp
Culture, Technology, Cultural Techniques – Moving Beyond Text

Thomas Macho
Second-Order Animals: Cultural Techniques of Identity and Identification

Bernhard Siegert
Cultural Techniques: Or the End of the Intellectual Postwar Era in German Media Theory

Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan
After Kittler: On the Cultural Techniques of Recent German Media Theory

Cornelia Vismann
Cultural Techniques and Sovereignty

Markus Krajewski
The Power of Small Gestures: On the Cultural Technique of Service

Sebastian Vehlken
Zootechnologies: Swarming as a Cultural Technique

Wolfgang Ernst
From Media History to Zeitkritik

Jussi Parikka
Afterword: Cultural Techniques and Media Studies

Liam Cole Young
Files, Lists, and the Material History of the Law


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