24.2 SI Authority and Islam


March 2007 – Volume 24, Issue 2







Frederic Volpi and Bryan S. Turner
Introduction: Making Islamic Authority Matter

Mohammed Arkoun
The Answers of Applied Islamology

Azzam Tamimi
Islam and Democracy from Tahtawi to Ghannouchi

Robert Gleave
Conceptions of Authority in Iraqi Shiism: Baqir al-Hakim, Hairi and Sistani on Ijtihad, Taqlid and Marjaiyya

Baudouin Dupret
What Is Islamic Law?: A Praxiological Answer and an Egyptian Case Study

Peter Mandaville
Globalization and the Politics of Religious Knowledge: Pluralizing Authority in the Muslim World

Bryan S. Turner
Religious Authority and the New Media

Armando Salvatore
Authority in Question: Secularity, Republicanism and Communitarianism in the Emerging Euro-Islamic Public Sphere

Pnina Werbner
Veiled Interventions in Pure Space: Honour, Shame and Embodied Struggles among Muslims in Britain and France

Tariq Modood and Fauzia Ahmad
British Muslim Perspectives on Multiculturalism

E. Fuat Keyman
Modernity, Secularism and Islam: The Case of Turkey


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