Authority and Islam


Table of Contents

Introduction: Making Islamic Authority Matter, Frederic Volpi and Bryan S. Turner

The Answers of Applied Islamology, Mohammed Arkoun

Islam and Democracy from Tahtawi to Ghannouchi, Azzam Tamimi

Conceptions of Authority in Iraqi Shiism: Baqir al-Hakim, Hairi and Sistani on Ijtihad, Taqlid and Marjaiyya, Robert Gleave

What Is Islamic Law?: A Praxiological Answer and an Egyptian Case Study, Baudouin Dupret

Globalization and the Politics of Religious Knowledge: Pluralizing Authority in the Muslim World, Peter Mandaville

Religious Authority and the New Media, Bryan S. Turner

Authority in Question: Secularity, Republicanism and Communitarianism in the Emerging Euro-Islamic Public Sphere, Armando Salvatore

Veiled Interventions in Pure Space: Honour, Shame and Embodied Struggles among Muslims in Britain and France, Pnina Werbner

British Muslim Perspectives on Multiculturalism, Tariq Modood and Fauzia Ahmad

Modernity, Secularism and Islam: The Case of Turkey, E. Fuat Keyman



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