Annual Review

The TCS Annual Review is an additional double issue produced at the end of each volume of Theory, Culture and Society.

For more than twenty years Theory, Culture & Society has systematically addressed the central issues in social and cultural theory. It is this capacity to keep abreast of the latest theoretical issues and generate a new agenda, which is behind the development of the TCS Annual Review. The Annual Review features innovative material which has a transdisciplinary focus. It provides in-depth, yet accessible discussions of recent developments at the cutting-edge of social science, cultural studies, gender studies, and literary, art and media theory. The intention is to develop an increasingly global scope both in terms of content and contributors, as found in the regular section on Global Public Life. Some of the sections within the Annual Review have a more discursive and magazine style focus, such as regular commentaries on global public life, and reviews of exhibitions, events, conferences, as well as books.

“The Annual Review promises to continue and constellate the clear strengths of Theory, Culture and Society, providing a venue for innovative social theory that engages contemporary cultural formations of interest to a wide range of scholars. This work brings together major social theorists from a variety of disciplines and works to produce and sustain a broadly interdisciplinary conversation on new forms of cultural and social criticism, philosophy and social theory, and a broad conception of culture that spans anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies. This is a widely respected journal that has claimed attention throughout the English-speaking world, and the Annual Review will doubtless distil its contributions in highly valued ways.” Judith Butler, Maxine Elliot Professor of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature, University of California at Berkeley.

“The idea of a TCS Annual Review is welcome news. TCS has been a steady bridge between Western social theory and the emerging, globalized world. The Annual Review promises to enrich and amplify the powerful critical tradition of TCS.” Arjun Appadurai, John Dewey Professor in the Social Sciences at The New School for Social Research, New York.

Annual Review 2013 cover image TCS Annual Review 2013 (30.7-8)

Featuring a large special section on ‘Naturecultures: Science, Affect and the Non-human’, and, as part of Global Public Life, a special section on the ‘Urban Problematic’.

Annual Review 2013 cover image TCS Annual Review 2012 (29.7-8)

Featuring a large special section on Georg Simmel, and, in the Global Public Life section, a focus on the art installations of Bashir Makhoul.

Annual Review 2013 cover imageTCS Annual Review 2011 (28.7-8)

Featuring sections on Secrecy and Transparency, Air-Target, and Global Public Life.

Annual Review 2013 cover image TCS Annual Review 2010 (27.7-8)

Featuring special sections on the 50th anniversary of Frantz Fanon’s Wretched of the Earth, Photography and the State, and Global Public Life.

Annual Review 2013 cover image TCS Annual Review 2009 (26.7-8)

Featuring special sections on Jack Goody and Occidentalism, Mumbai: City as Target, and Global Public Life.

Annual Review 2013 cover image TCS Annual Review 2008 (25.7-8)

Featuring special sections on Precarity and Cultural Work; Religion, Theory and Culture; and Global Public Life.

Annual Review 2013 cover image TCS Annual Review 2007 (24.7-8)

Featuring special sections on Simmel and Allosociality; Markets; critical commentaries on the Problematising Global Knowledge project; and Global Public Life.

Annual Review 2013 cover image TCS Annual Review 2006 (23.7-8)

Featuring special sections on Friedrich Kittler, Cyborgs and Posthumanism, and Global Public Life.