The New Biologies

new-biologiesDecember 2016 – Volume 22, Issue 4

Edited by Lisa Blackman






Lisa Blackman
Epigenetics, the Microbiome and Immunities

Hannah Landecker
Antibiotic Resistance and the Biology of History

Megan Warin, Vivienne Moore, Michael Davies and Stanley Ulijaszeck
Epigenetics and Obesity. The Reproduction of Habitus through Intracellular and Social Environments

Rebecca Scott Yoshizawa
Fetal–Maternal Intra-action. Politics of New Placental Biologies

Michelle Jamieson
The Politics of Immunity. Reading Cohen through Canguilhem and New Materialism

Mark Davis, Paul Flowers, Davina Lohm, Emily Waller and Niamh Stephenson
Immunity, Biopolitics and Pandemics. Public and Individual Responses to the Threat to Life

Joshua I Newman, Rachel Shields and Christopher M McLeod
The MRSA Epidemic and/as Fluid Biopolitics


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