Bodily Integrity

bodily integrity coverSpecial Issue on Bodily Integrity

Edited by Lisa Blackman









Lisa Blackman

Bodily Integrity


Margrit Shildrick

Some Reflections on the Socio-cultural and Bioscientific Limits of Bodily Integrity


Aryn Martin

Microchimerism in the Mother(land): Blurring the Borders of Body and Nation


Vivian Sobchack

Living a ‘Phantom Limb’: On the Phenomenology of Bodily Integrity


Jenny Slatman and Guy Widdershoven

Hand Transplants and Bodily Integrity


Boaz Neumann

Being Prosthetic in the First World War and Weimar Germany


Rhonda Shaw

Organ Donation in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Cultural Phenomenology and Moral Humility



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