Surveillance and Embodiment

Surveillance and Embodiment imageJune 2016 – Volume 22, Issue 2

Edited by Martin French and Gavin JD Smith
Martin French and Gavin JD Smith
Surveillance and Embodiment: Dispositifs of Capture

Charlotte Epstein
Surveillance, Privacy and the Making of the Modern Subject: Habeas what kind of Corpus?

Kirstie Ball, MariaLaura Di Domenico and Daniel Nunan
Big Data Surveillance and the Body-subject

Adrian Guta,  Stuart J Murray,  Marilou Gagnon
HIV, Viral Suppression and New Technologies of Surveillance and Control

Gavin JD Smith
Surveillance, Data and Embodiment: On the Work of Being Watched

Nikolas Rose
Reading the Human Brain: How the Mind Became Legible