Rhythm, Movement, Embodiment

rhythm.coverSeptember & December 2014 – Volume 20, Issue 3-4

Edited by Julian Henriques, Milla Tiainen & Pasi Valiaho






Julian Henriques, Milla Tiainen and Pasi Väliaho
Rhythm Returns: Movement and Cultural Theory

Paola Crespi
Rhythmanalysis in Gymnastics and Dance: Rudolf Bode and Rudolf Laban

Rudolf Bode
Rhythm and its Importance for Education

Rudolf Laban
Eurhythmy and Kakorhythmy in Art and Education

Julian Henriques
Rhythmic Bodies: Amplification, Inflection and Transduction in the Dance Performance Techniques of the “Bashment Gal”

Pasi Väliaho
Video Games and the Cerebral Subject: On Playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Eleni Ikoniadou
Abstract Time and Affective Perception in the Sonic Work of Art

Erin Manning
Wondering the World Directly – or, How Movement Outruns the Subject

Stamatia Portanova
Wonder, Movement and Becoming: Response to Erin Manning

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone
Thinking in Movement: Response to Erin Manning

Jodie McNeilly
A Phenomenology of/with Total Movement: Response to Erin Manning


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