Indeterminate Bodies

September 2017 – Volume 23, Issue 3

Edited by Claire Waterton and Kathryn Yusoff




Kathryn Yusoff and Claire Waterton
Indeterminate Bodies: Introduction

Kim de Wolff
Plastic Naturecultures: Multispecies Ethnography and the Dangers of Separating Living from Nonliving Bodies

Astrid Schrader
Microbial Suicide: Towards a Less Anthropocentric Ontology of Life and Death

Kathryn Yusoff
Indeterminate Subjects, Irreducible Worlds: Two Economies of Indeterminacy

Claire Waterton
Indeterminacy and More-Than- Human Bodies: sites of experiment for doing politics differently

Adrian Mackenzie and Celia Roberts
Adopting neuroscience: parenting and affective indeterminacy

Nigel Clark
Anthropocene Bodies, Geological Time and the Crisis of Natality