habit cover

June & September 2013 – Volume 19, Issue 2-3

Edited by Tony Bennett, Francis Dodsworth, Greg Noble, Mary Poovey & Megan Watkins





Tony Bennett, Francis Dodsworth, Greg Noble, Mary Poovey and Megan Watkins
Habit and Habituation: Governance and the Social


Clare Carlisle
The Question of Habit in Theology and Philosophy: From Hexis to Plasticity

Simon Lumsden
Habit and the Limits of the Autonomous Subject

Francis Martin Dodsworth
Habit, the Criminal Body and the Body Politic in England, c. 1700–1800

Tony Bennett
Habit: Time, Freedom, Governance

Nick Crossley
Habit and Habitus

Greg Noble
Cosmopolitan Habits: The Capacities and Habitats of Intercultural Conviviality

Lisa Blackman
Habit and Affect: Revitalizing a Forgotten History

Elizabeth Grosz
Habit Today: Ravaisson, Bergson, Deleuze and Us

Melanie White
Habit as a Force of Life in Durkheim and Bergson

Mary Poovey
The Search for Habit in Classical Liberalism

Tom Crook
Habit as Switchpoint