Estranged Bodies

bod 22.1September 2015 – Volume 21, Issue 3

Edited by Margrit Shildrick & Deborah Lynn Steinberg






Margrit Shildrick and Deborah Lynn Steinberg
Estranged Bodies: Shifting Paradigms and the Biomedical Imaginary

Margrit Shildrick
Staying Alive: Affect, Identity and Anxiety in Organ Transplantation

Ciara Kierans
Biopolitics and Capital: Poverty, Mobility and the Body-in-transplantation in Mexico

Lisa Diedrich
Illness as Assemblage: The Case of Hystero-epilepsy

Emily Cohen
Disciplining Pain: Masculinity and Ideologies of Repair in a Colombian Military Hospital

Deborah Lynn Steinberg
The Bad Patient: Estranged Subjects of the Cancer Culture




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