Medicine, Bodies, Politics

medicine coverSpecial Issue: Medicine, Bodies, Politics: Experimentation and Emergence

Edited by: Mike Michael and Marsha Rosengarten


Mike Michael and Marsha Rosengarten

Medicine: Experimentation, Politics, Emergent Bodies


Melinda Cooper

The Pharmacology of Distributed Experiment – User-generated Drug Innovation


Brett Neilson

Ageing, Experience, Biopolitics: Life’s Unfolding


Kane Race

Frequent Sipping’: Bottled Water, the Will to Health and the Subject of Hydration


Annie Pfingst and Marsha Rosengarten

Medicine as a Tactic of War: Palestinian Precarity


Gail Davies

What is a Humanized Mouse? Remaking the Species and Spaces of Translational Medicine


Lynda Birke

Animal Bodies in the Production of Scientific Knowledge: Modelling Medicine

Catherine Waldby

Afterword – Medicine: The Ethics of Care, the Subject of Experiment

Amit Prasad

Book Review: An Anthropology of Biomedicine



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