Animation and Automation


March 2012 – Volume 18, Issue 1







Jackie Stacey and Lucy Suchman
Animation and Automation – The Liveliness and Labours of Bodies and Machines

Lisa Cartwright
The Hands of the Animator: Rotoscopic Projection, Condensation, and Repetition Automatism in the Fleischer Apparatus

Beth Coleman
Everything is Animated: Pervasive Media and the Networked Subject

Janet Harbord
Ex-centric Cinema: Machinic Vision in the Powers of Ten and Electronic Cartography

Kim Sawchuk
Animating the Anatomical Specimen: Regional Dissection and the Incorporation of Photography in J.C.B. Grant’s An Atlas of Anatomy

Natasha Myers

Dance Your PhD: Embodied Animations, Body Experiments, and the Affective


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