Medical Migrations

medical migrations coverJune 2011 – Volume 17, Issue 2-3

Edited by Elizabeth F.S. Roberts and Nancy Scheper-Hughes






Elizabeth F.S. Roberts and Nancy Scheper-Hughes
Introduction: Medical Migrations

 Lawrence Cohen
Migrant Supplementarity: Remaking Biological Relatedness in Chinese Military and Indian Five-Star Hospitals

 Nancy Scheper-Hughes
Mr Tati’s Holiday and João’s Safari – Seeing the World through Transplant Tourism

 Stefan Beck
Staging Bone Marrow Donation as a Ballot: Reconfiguring the Social and the Political Using Biomedicine in Cyprus

 Ara Wilson
Foreign Bodies and National Scales: Medical Tourism in Thailand

 Miriam Ticktin
How Biology Travels: A Humanitarian Trip

Ian Whitmarsh
American Genomics in Barbados: Race, Illness, and Pleasure in the Science of Sandra

Teresa Hyde
Migrations in Humanistic Therapy: Turning Drug Users into Patients and Patients into Healthy Citizens in Southwest China

Charis Thompson
Medical Migrations Afterword: Science as a Vacation?


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