bod 21.1 coverB & S Special Issue on Affect

Edited by Lisa Blackman & Couze Venn


Table of Contents

Lisa Blackman and Mike Featherstone, Re-visioning Body & Society

Lisa Blackman and Couze Venn, Affect

Constantina Papoulias and Felicity Callard, Biology’s Gift: Interrogating the Turn to Affect

Julian Henriques, The Vibrations of Affect and their Propagation on a Night Out on Kingston’s Dancehall Scene

Valerie Walkerdine, Communal Beingness and Affect: An Exploration of Trauma in an Ex-industrial Community

Erin Manning, Always More than One: the Collectivity of a Life

Couze Venn, Individuation, Relationality, Affect: Rethinking the Human in Relation to the Living

Lisa Blackman, Embodying Affect; Voice-hearing, Telepathy, Suggestion and Modelling the Non-conscious

Mike Featherstone, Body, Image and Affect in Consumer Culture

Patricia T. Clough, Afterword: The Future of Affect Studies


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