Video-Abstract Guidelines

energy & society_videoTheory, Culture & Society and Body & Society Video-Abstract Guidelines:

We would like to encourage authors of all accepted TCS and B&S papers to produce video-abstracts. As well as becoming increasingly recognised as a powerful tool for disseminating and making authors’ work more visible through search engines, they can also provide a highly accessible digest.

The video-abstract should take the form of a number of brief key statements about the paper addressing questions such as:

how you became interested in the topic;

what your paper is trying to achieve;

the overall importance of the topic and how you see the associated field developing.

Normally this will take the form of a face-to-camera monologue, but authors are also encouraged to include any other multimedia effects they wish to use to illustrate their topic.

Video-abstracts should be short – around 3 minutes works best; please try not to go over 5 minutes.

You should also endeavour to direct your remarks to a non-expert and whenever possible unpack elaborate theoretical and technical terminology.

Video-abstracts can be produced by authors using a computer video camera, smartphone or other device. Most cameras will have built-in microphones, and as long as you are relatively stationary, close to the camera and filming in a quiet environment, this should be fine. If the audio quality is poor, however, it may be advisable to use an external microphone. Please ensure before recording that your camera is positioned at eye-level; if you are using a laptop, for instance, and the camera is low, you should consider using a pile of books to raise it. Please also try to ensure that your recorded file is under 100MB. If you are recording your video using a smartphone, place the phone in a horizontal position when recording, not vertical.

You can see examples of TCS video-abstracts below, or visit our YouTube channel:

Your video-abstract should be submitted to us at via Wetransfer (, DropSend ( or Dropbox (, or by uploading it to Vimeo ( or YouTube ( and sending us the link, or similar alternative (but not by email, please).

For guidance on how to record a video using a webcam on your PC, see:

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