The Body and Social Theory, Second Edition, Chris Shilling

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`Essential to any collection of work on the body, health and illness, or social theory’ – Choice

`Sophisticated … and acutely perceptive of the importance of the complex dialectic between social institutions, culture and biological conditions’ – Times Higher Education Supplement

`Chris Shilling has done us all a splendid service in bringing together and illustrating the tremendous diversity and richness of sociological thinking on the topic of human embodiment and its implications’ – Sociological Review

This updated edition of the bestselling text retains all the strengths of the first edition. Chris Shilling: provides a critical survey of the field; demonstrates how developments in diet, sexuality, reproductive technology, genetic engineering and sports science have made the body a site for social alternatives and individual choices; and elucidates the practical uses of theory in striking and accessible ways.

In addition, new, original material: explores the latest feminist, phenomenological and action-oriented approaches to the body; examines the latest work on `body projects’ and the relationship between the body and self-identity; and outlines a compelling theoretical framework that provides a radical basis for the consolidation of body studies.
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Table of Contents 

The Body in Sociology
The Naturalistic Body
The Socially Constructed Body
The Body and Social Inequalities
The Body and Physical Capital
The Civilized Body
The Body, Self-Identity and Death
Concluding Comments
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Author Bio 

Chris Shilling is Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent. His website profile desrcibes him as follows: Over the past two decades my work has revolved around a concern to embody sociology and social/cultural theory, and to understand the social and cultural implications of what it is to be an embodied being. There have been three main strands to this project. Firstly, it has involved a critique of Cartesian influenced, ‘disembodied’ conceptions of sociology which marginalise the corporeal conditions of social action and the bodily consequences of social structures, and an excavation of those traditions that can help us re-embody our conceptions of society. Secondly, I have sought to contribute towards the establishment of an interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary field of ‘body studies’ which draws on the wide range of resources and debates on corporality that have become increasingly prominent across the social sciences and humanities. Thirdly, my aim has been to develop original theoretical approaches which enable us to understand more adequately the significance of embodiment to the world in which we live. 
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