Performativity and Belonging Edited by Vikki Bell (1999)

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This book explores belonging as a performative achievement. The contributors investigate how identities are embodied and effected, and how lines of allegiance and fracture are produced and reproduced. Questions of ‘difference’ are tackled from a perspective that attends to the complexities of history and politics.Drawing on sociology, philosophy and anthropology, this collection brings together leading commentators, including Judith Butler, Paul Gilroy and Arjun Appadurai, as well as a range of new scholars. It examines questions of visuality, political affiliation, ethics, mimesis, spatiality, passing, and diversity in modes of embodied difference. The volume advances conceptual and theoretical issues through testing various propositions around specific examples or questions. What emerges is a rich engagement with the complexity of contemporary forms of belonging.

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Table of Contents


Performativity and Belonging: An Introduction Vikki Bell
Revisiting Bodies and Pleasures Judith Butler
Historical Memory, Global Movements and Violence: Paul Gilroy and Arjun Appadurai in Conversation Vikki Bell
Re-Membering Places and the Performance of Belonging(s) Anne-Marie Fortier
Ethnic Absolutism and the Authoritarian Spirit Chetan Bhatt
`She’ll Wake Up One of These Days and Find She’s Turned Into a Nigger’: Passing through Hybridity Sara Ahmed
Classing Queer: Politics in Competition Mariam Fraser
Mimesis as Cultural Survival: Judith Butler and Anti-Semitism Vikki Bell
On Speech, Race and Melancholia: An Interview with Judith Butler Vikki Bell
Subject, Psyche and Agency: The Work of Judith Butler Lois McNay
Performativity, Parody, Politics Moya Lloyd
Beyond Food/Sex: Eating and an Ethics of Eating Elspeth Probyn
Playing it Again: Citation, Reiteration or Cicularity? Jan Campbell and Janet Harbord


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