Love and Eroticism

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This major collection explores the contested nature of love and eroticism, examining the ways in which erotic bodily pleasures have become central to contemporary consumer culture. It investigates the spatial dimension of erotic life through considerations of Bohemian love, the gay city and the ways in which the urban landscape and everyday life have become sexualized – issues which have become central to the emergence of `queer’ as a new form of gender politics and more general questions of sexual citizenship.

Drawing on the work of feminists, sociologists and cultural theorists, this book contains a wide-ranging and accessible set of contributions to contemporary debates on sexuality, love and eroticism.

Love & Eroticism is simultaneously published as volume 15, issue 3-4 of Theory, Culture & Society.

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Table of Contents 

Love and Eroticism: An Introduction, Mike Featherstone

On the Postmodern Uses of Sex, Zygmunt Bauman

The Sexual Citizen, Jeffrey Weeks

On the Way to the Post-Familial Family – From a Community of Need to Elective Affinities, Elizabeth Beck-Gernsheim

On the Elementary Forms of Socioerotic Life, Sasha Weitman

Bohemian Love, Elizabeth Wilson

Otto Gross and Else Jaff[ac]e and Max Weber, Sam Whimster with Gottfried Heuer

The Lost Innocence of Love: Romance as a Postmodern Condition, Eva Illouz

Balancing Sex and Love since the 1960’s Sexual Revolution, Cas Wouters

Citysex: Representing Lust in Public, Henning Bech

Love and Structure, Charles Lindholm

`Falling in Love with Love is Falling for Make Believe’: Ideologies of Romance in Post-Enlightenment Culture, Mary Evans

Introduction to Georg Simmel’s ‘On the Sociology of the Family’, David Frisby

On the Sociology of the Family, Georg Simmel

Sex and Sociality: Comparative Ethnographies of Sexual Objectification, Laura Rival, Don Slater and Daniel Miller

The Nazi Eye Code of Falling in Love: Bright Eyes, Black Heart, Crazed Gaze, Andrew Travers

`On Me, Not In Me’: Locating Affect in Nationalism after AIDS, Cindy Patton

Seductions of the Impossible: Love, the Erotic and Sacrifice in Surrealist Discourse, Michael Richardson

The Lesson of Fire: Notes on Love and Eroticism in Octavio Paz’s /f003The Double Flame, Maria Esther Maciel

Love, Gender and Morality: Stephen Kern’s `Eyes of Love’, Mike Hepworth

Bodies, Sex and Death, Arthur W Frank

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