Cyberspace/Cyberbodies/Cyberpunk: Cultures of Technological Embodiment, by Mike Featherstone and Roger Burrows (1996)

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How can we interpret cyberspace? What is the place of the embodied human agent in the virtual world? This innovative collection explores the emerging arena of cyberspace and the challenges it presents for the social and cultural forms of the human body. Cyberspace/Cyberbodies/Cyberpunk shows how changing relationships between body and technology offer new arenas for cultural representations. At the same time, the contributors consider the realities of human embodiment and the limits of virtual worlds. Topics examined include technological body modifications, replacements and prosthetics, bodies in cyberspace, virtual environments and cyborg culture, cultural representations of technological embodiment in visual and literary productions, and cyberpunk science fiction as a prefigurative social and cultural theory. Academics and students in cultural studies, popular culture, communication, sociology of culture, philosophy will appreciate this intriguing volume, as will general readers with an interest in the Internet.

`[The] introduction gives a clear digest of the field and its problematics… Among contributors are the stars of the digital academy – Sadie Plant, Michael Heim, Mark Poster, Kevin Robins, Vivian Sobchack and Anne Balsamo… much of the content is new and alert to the growing literature in the field…. among the better contributions to the publishing boom of the last two years… very useful in undergraduate teaching’ – Sociology

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Table of Contents


Cultures of Technological Embodiment: An Introduction Mike Featherstone and Roger Burrows
Feedback and Cybernetics:: Reimaging the Body in the Age of Cybernetics David Tomas
The Future Looms: Weaving Women and Cybernetics Sadie Plant
The Design of Virtual Reality Michael Heim
Postmodern Virtualities Mark Poster
The Embodied Computer/User Deborah Lupton
Rear-View Mirrorshades: The Recursive Generation of the Cyberbody Nigel Clark
Cyberspace and the World We Live in Kevin Robbins
Descartes Goes to Hollywood: Mind, Body and Gender in Contemporary Cyborg Cinema Samantha Holland
Prosthetic Memory: /f003Total Recall/f001 and /f003Blade Runner Alison Landsberg
Meat (or How to Kill Oedipus in Cyberspace) Nick Land
Beating the Meat/Surviving the Text, or How to Get Out of This Century Alive Vivian Sobchack
Forms of Technological Embodiment: Reading the Body in Contemporary Culture Anne Balsamo
Cyber(body)parts: Prosthetic Consciousness Robert Rawdon Wilson
Corpses, Animals, Machines and Mannequins: The Body and Cyberpunk Kevin McCarron


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