TCS 31.5, Sep 2014

TCS cover imageTheory, Culture & Society, 31.5, September 2014 

Special Issue: ENERGY & SOCIETY

Editors: David TYFIELD & John URRY







John Urry The Problem of Energy
Frank Geels Politics and Power in Low-Carbon Electricity Transitions: A Multi-Level Analysis of Green Niche-Innovations and Resilient Regimes
Elizabeth Shove & Gordon Walker What is Energy for? Social Practice and Energy Demand
David Tyfield ‘King Coal is Dead! Long Live the King!’ The Coal Renaissance in the Emergence of Global Low-Carbon Societies
James Marriott & Mika Minio-Paluello The Political and Material Landscape of European Energy Distribution: Tracking the Oil Road
David E. Nye The United States and Alternative Energies since 1980: Technological Fix or Regime Change?
Mimi Sheller Global Energy Cultures of Speed and Lightness: Materials, Mobilities and Transnational Power
Mark Harvey The Food-Energy-Climate Change Trilemma: Toward a Socio-Economic Analysis
Robert Biel Visioning a Sustainable Energy Future: The Case Of Urban Food Growing
Nigel Clark & Kathryn Yusoff Combustion and Society: A Fire-Centred History of Energy Use

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