Body & Society 20.3-4, Sep-Dec 2014

bod 20.2 cover20.3-4 (Sep-Dec 2014) Special Issue on Rhythm, Movement, Embodiment

edited by Julian Henriques, Milla Tiainen & Pasi Väliaho




Julian Henriques, Milla Tiainen & Pasi Valiaho Introduction: Rhythm Returns – Movement and Cultural Theory
Paola Crespi Rhythmanalysis in gymnastics and dance: Rudolf Bode and Rudolf Laban
Rudolf Bode Rhythm and its Importance for Education
Rudolf Laban Eurhythmy and Kakorhythmy in Art and Education
Julian Henriques Rhythmic Bodies: Amplification, Inflection and Transduction in the dance performance techniques of the “bashment gal” @ 140312
Pasi Valiaho Video Games and the Cerebral Subject: On Playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Eleni Ikoniadou Abstract time and affective perception in the sonic work of art
Erin Manning Wondering the World Directly ~ or, How Movement Outruns the Subject
Stamatia Portanova Reading Erin Manning’s “Wondering the World Directly” and looking at the sky
Maxine Sheets-Johnstone Thinking in Movement: A Response to Manning
Jodie McNeilly A Phenomenology of ~or, with Total Movement

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