Body & Society 20.2 June 2014

BOD cover imageBody & Society 20.2 June 2014









Loic Wacquant Homines in Extremis: What Fighting Scholars Teach us about Habitus
Jane Ribbens McCarthy & Raia Prokhovnik Embodied Relationality and Caring after Death
Steve Garlick The Biopolitics of Masturbation: Masculinity, Complexity and Security
Corie Hammers Corporeality, Sadomasochism and Sexual Trauma


Notes and Commentaries: Responses to Loic Waquant’s Homines in Extremis

Hélène Mialet The Pugilist and the Cosmologist: Response to Loic Wacquant’s Homines in Extremis
Elise Paradis Sociology is a Martial Art
Nick Crossley Embodied Actors, Sociability and the Limits of Reflexivity
Greg Downey Habitus in Extremis: from Embodied Culture to Bio-Cultural Development
Loic Wacquant Afterword



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