Meet the Editors

MFeatherstoneMike Featherstone: Editor-in-Chief

Mike Featherstone is Professor of Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. He has been Editor of Theory, Culture & Society since its establishment in 1982 at Teesside University, and was founding co-editor of Body & Society in 1995, becoming editor-in chief in 2008. He is also the founding editor of the Theory, Culture & Society Book Series.

He is the author of Consumer Culture and Postmodernism (1991, second edition 2007) and Undoing Culture: Globalization, Postmodernism and Identity (1995). Co-author of Surviving Middle Age (1982). Editor of Postmodernism (1988), Global Culture (1990), Georg Simmel (1991) Cultural Theory and Cultural Change (1992), Love and Eroticism (1999), Body Modification (2000). Co-editor of The Body: Social Process and Cultural Theory (1991), Global Modernities (1995), Cyberspace/Cyberbodies/Cyberpunk: Cultures of Technological Embodiment (1995), Images of Ageing (1995), Simmel on Culture (1997), Spaces of Culture (1999) and Recognition and Difference (2002), Automobilities (2005), Problematizing Global Knowledge (2006).

He is also the author of numerous journal articles and book chapters on social and cultural theory, consumer and global culture, ageing and the body. His books and articles have been translated into sixteen languages. Consumer Culture and Postmodernism has been translated into Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish and Turkish. Undoing Culture has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Portuguese. Other books and articles have been translated into Bulgarian, Croatian, French, German, Hungarian and Ukrainian. He has spent time as a visiting professor in Barcelona, Geneva, Kyoto, Recife, São Paulo, Singapore, Tokyo and Vancouver.

lisa blackman

Lisa Blackman: Editor

Lisa Blackman became Editor of Body & Society in 2008, and has been pioneering and developing the area of body-studies at the Department of Media and Communications, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK, since 1994. Her current research is in the area of subjectivity, affect and bodies.

Her work in the area of embodiment and voice-hearing has been recognised and commended for its innovative approach to mental health research and it has been acclaimed by the Hearing Voices Network, Intervoice, and has been taken up in professional psychiatric contexts, as well as making a substantive contribution to the fields of critical psychology and body-studies. Her current research in the area of subjectivity, affect and bodies has been published in Theory, Culture and Society as well as other esteemed journals, and has been consolidated in a book published in the TCS Book Series in 2011, Immaterial Bodies: Affect, Relationality and the Problem of Personality. She has published three other books: Hearing Voices: Embodiment and Experience (2001, Free Association Books); Mass Hysteria: Critical Psychology and Media Studies (2001, Palgrave co-authored with Valerie Walkerdine) and The Body: The Key Concepts (2008, Berg).

tomo photo

Tomoko Tamari: Managing Editor

Tomoko Tamari is Managing Editor of Body & Society and book reviews co-ordinator for Theory Culture & Society and Body & Society. Her PhD thesis was on consumer culture and women in Japan. Her interests include consumer culture, visual culture, space and architecture and food culture.  She is currently working on two main areas: the relationship between animation and human perception; and domestic living space and architecture design. Her book – Women and Consumption: the Rise of the Department Store and the ‘new Woman’ in Japan 1900-1930 – will be published soon.

Meet the Editorial Board

roger.burrowsRoger Burrows is Professor of Cities at Newcastle University. His background is in sociology, social policy and urban studies. He is a methodological pluralist but has made extensive use of quantitative methods in his work. He was the coordinator of the ESRC e-Society Research programme between 2005-2008.

Patricia Clough photo

Patricia Ticineto Clough is professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies at the Graduate Center and Queens College of the City University of New York. She is author of Autoaffection: Unconscious Thought in the Age of Teletechnology (2000); Feminist Thought: Desire, Power and Academic Discourse (1994) and The End(s) of Ethnography: From Realism to Social Criticism (1998), and the editor of The Affective Turn: Theorizing the Social (2007).

nick crossleyNick Crossley is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester (UK). He has published widely on issues of embodiment and also on the work of Merleau-Ponty. His most recent book is Towards Relational Sociology (Routledge, 2011).

chris shilling photoChris Shilling is Professor of  Sociology at the University of  Kent. He is the author of The Body and Social Theory (TCS Book Series, SAGE 2012 – 3rd Edition), The Body in Culture, Technology and  Society (TCS Book Series, SAGE 2005), Changing Bodies. Habit, Crisis and  Creativity (TCS Book Series, SAGE 2008), Embodying Sociology (Editor, Blackwells / The  Sociological Review Monograph Series, 2007), and (with  Philip A. Mellor) Re-forming the Body: Religion, Community, Modernity (TCS Book Series, SAGE 1997), and (with  Philip A. Mellor) The Sociological Ambition (TCS Book Series, SAGE 2001).