About Us

About UsTCS is an academic publishing cluster now based at Goldsmiths, University of London. It comprises the academic, peer-reviewed journals Theory, Culture & Society and Body & Society, as well as the Theory, Culture & Society Book Series.

Theory Culture & Society

test2Theory, Culture & Society was launched in 1982 to cater for the resurgence of interest in culture in the social sciences. It has built up a large international and multidisciplinary readership through its ability to raise and discuss emergent social and cultural issues in an open, non-partisan manner.

Theory, Culture & Society has sought to critically explore the relationship between culture and society and advocated a more central role for social and cultural theory in understanding social life. TCS has worked across the borderlines between sociology and cultural studies, the social sciences and the humanities and has moved towards a broader transdisciplinary frame of reference.

Because we increasingly see the need to rethink many of the existing Western-centred knowledge classifications in a more dialogical global context, the scope of the journal, in terms of the issues addressed, contributors and readership, has become increasingly global. One indicator of this has been the development of the TCS New Encyclopaedia Project since 2001 with the first volume of the project produced as a Theory, Culture & Society special issue on Problematizing Global Knowledge in 2005.

Body & Society


Body & Society has, from its inception in 1995 as a companion journal to Theory, Culture & Society, pioneered and shaped the field of body-studies. It has been committed to theoretical openness characterized by the publication of a wide range of critical approaches to the body, alongside the encouragement and development of innovative work that contains a trans-disciplinary focus.

The disciplines reflected in the journal have included anthropology, art history, communications, cultural history, cultural studies, environmental studies, feminism, film studies, health studies, leisure studies, medical history, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, science studies, sociology and sport studies.

The journal has also sought to examine a wide range of issues which have arisen from the writings of theorists such as: Baudrillard, Bergson, Bourdieu, Butler, Cixous, Deleuze, Douglas, Elias, Ettinger, Foucault, Haraway, Kristeva, Latour, Mauss, Merleau-Ponty, Simondon.

TCS Book Series

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The Theory, Culture & Society Book Series has published so far more than 130 titles. The series includes volumes by many of the leading figures in the field such as: Jean Baudrillard, Zygmunt Bauman, Ulrich Beck, Pierre Bourdieu, Christine Buci-Glucksmann, Norman Denzin, Norbert Elias, Scott Lash, Michel Maffesoli, Roland Robertson, Nigel Thrift, Bryan Turner, John Urry and Michel Wieviorka.

Other Activities

In addition to the journal and book publications, the main activities of TCS include:

  • the TCS i-university, which includes the New Encyclopaedia Project;
  • the TCS Network & Events: research development, collaboration and networking; organising conferences, colloquia, research seminars, workshops, and visiting speaker programmes at Goldsmiths and elsewhere;
  • contributing to the PhD and postgraduate programme, and hosting visiting professors, research fellows, postdoctorates and postgraduates at Goldsmiths.