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A. N Whitehead

Table of Contents Introduction to Special Section on A.N. Whitehead, Michael Halewood Abstract Experience, Andrew Goffey Being a Sociologist and ... read more

Life and New Vitalism

Table of Contents Introduction: Life’s (Re-)Emergences, Sebastian Olma and Kostas Koukouzelis Life and Energy,Howard Caygill Biotech: Life by Contagion, Luciana ... read more

Pierre Bourdieu

Table of Contents Introduction: A Social Critique of Judgement, Derek Robbins Scientific Habitus: Pierre Bourdieu and the Collective Intellectual, Remi ... read more

Authority and Islam

Table of Contents Introduction: Making Islamic Authority Matter, Frederic Volpi and Bryan S. Turner The Answers of Applied Islamology, Mohammed ... read more

Hans-Georg Gadamer

Table of Contents Introduction to Four Key Essays from the Gadamer Lesebuch, Richard E. Palmer Language and Understanding(1970), Hans-Georg Gadamer ... read more


Table of Contents In Pursuit of the Postmodern: An Introduction, Mike Featherstone Is there a Postmodern Sociology?, Zygmunt Bauman Postmodernism ... read more
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Ubiquitous Media: Asian Transformations

About the Issue This double special issue features papers delivered at the Ubiquitous Media: Asian Transformations Conference, which was the ... read more

Problematizing Global Knowledge

Table of Contents Mike Featherstone and Couze Venn, Problematizing Global Knowledge and the New Encyclopaedia Project: An Introduction Theory, Culture ... read more

Michel Foucault

Table of Contents   Couze Venn and Tiziana Terranova Introduction: Thinking after Michel Foucault [Abstract]   Michel Foucault Alternatives to ... read more

Changing Climates

Table of Contents Bronislaw Szerszynski & John Urry, Changing Climates – Introduction Bronislaw Szerszynski, Reading and writing the weather: climate technics and ... read more

Topologies of Culture

Edited by Celia Lury, Luciana Parisi and Tiziana Terranova               Celia Lury, Luciana Parisi ... read more
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Code and Codings in Crisis

Special Issue on Code and Codings in Crisis Edited by Adrian MacKenzie and Theo Vurdubakis           ... read more
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Special Section on Paul Ricoeur Edited by Steve Hedley Clark               Steve Hedley Clark ... read more